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Enhance Your Corporate Event at The Williams Inn with Premier Team Building Activities

Planning your next corporate event and looking for the perfect venue that combines business with pleasure? Look no further than The Williams Inn, located in the scenic Berkshires. Our unique offerings ensure that your team-building retreat will be both productive and enjoyable. Here’s a sneak peek into the team-building activities and amenities that await you:

Tours at Local Museums

Immerse your team in the rich culture and history of the Berkshires with guided tours at The Clark.  Established in 1950, this beloved museum is “known for its intimate galleries and stunning natural environment.”  The Clark offers one-hour-long gallery tours with a Clark educator several times each week to learn more about exhibitions and permanent galleries located in the museum. These tours are educational and inspire creativity and conversation among team members. It’s a great way to bond over shared experiences and discover new perspectives.

Additionally, enhance your group’s cultural experience with a visit to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in nearby North Adams. MASS MoCA is one of the largest centers for contemporary visual and performing arts in the United States.  According to their website, “MASS MoCA is able to embrace all forms of art: music, sculpture, dance, film, painting, photography, theater, and new, boundary-crossing works of art that defy easy classification.” Exploring the innovative exhibits at MASS MoCA can spark creativity and dialogue within your team, making it an ideal complement to your visit to The Clark.

Cooking Classes

Unleash the magic of culinary teamwork with our exclusive cooking class, led by our renowned Executive Chef, Ron Reda.  Perfectly crafted for corporate retreats, this hands-on experience is designed to inspire collaboration and ignite creativity among your team members. Chef Ron will personally guide participants through the preparation of a gourmet meal, revealing his expert techniques and culinary secrets along the way. Participants will savor the joy of dining on a delectable meal they’ve created together, leaving not only with enhanced teamwork skills but also with cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment.

Group Yoga Classes

The Williams Inn invites you to join our complimentary group yoga classes every Wednesday at 12 PM, led by the wonderful instructor Mary Edgerton. Our serene sessions take place in the tranquil Pine Cobble or on the picturesque back lawn, offering a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Just steps away from your hotel room, these classes provide an ideal way for your group to unwind, have fun, and experience the calming benefits of yoga in a beautiful, natural environment. Group yoga classes are an excellent way to foster team building and create camaraderie among participants. Sharing this peaceful practice can help strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and promote a sense of unity and well-being within your group. Come together, breathe, stretch, and leave feeling more connected and refreshed.

Cocktail Classes

Transform your team-building experience with our delightful Mixology Class. Invite your team to shake, stir, and sip their way through the enchanting world of cocktail creation. Under the expert guidance of our master mixologist, your team will learn to craft both classic cocktails and innovative drinks, mastering techniques and discovering exciting flavor combinations. This engaging and interactive class not only enhances teamwork and creativity but also offers a unique and enjoyable bonding experience that your team will remember fondly.

Group Hiking Nearby

Berkshire Camino, a local hiking guide company, “curates and leads mindfully guided day hikes and transformational multi-day hiking journeys making it easy, safe, convenient and engaging for the casual hiker to explore the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts on foot.” Berkshire Camino offers the unique option of private guided hikes. Discover their 2024 routes through an exclusive private day hike menu, featuring a variety of durations, distances, challenges, and experiences. The hikes proceed at a moderate pace, with the flexibility to go slower or faster based on your preference, and include frequent stops to hydrate, rest, and explore at your leisure.  If you have an outdoorsy group, Berkshire Camino is an ideal choice for your next corporate retreat or team-building activity, providing a unique and refreshing way for teams to connect, relax, and recharge in nature.

Versatile Event Spaces

Our event spaces are designed to accommodate your specific needs, offering both indoor and outdoor options. Whether you’re planning a formal conference, a casual team-building activity, or a festive evening under the stars, The Williams Inn has the perfect venue. Our outdoor spaces provide a picturesque backdrop for any event, while our indoor facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure a seamless experience.

Plan Your Next Corporate Event at The Williams Inn

At The Williams Inn, we understand the importance of blending work with relaxation to achieve the best outcomes. Our curated team-building activities, versatile event spaces, and comfortable accommodations are tailored to provide an exceptional experience for your corporate event.

Book your event with us today and discover how The Williams Inn can transform your corporate retreat into an unforgettable experience that will leave your team inspired and invigorated.

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